Residential Roofing

Aleman Gets It Done Right The First Time

Aleman’s residential roofing services offered in Baton Rouge include roof replacement, sheet metal, roof repairs, and more. No matter what kind of roofing service you are looking for, we can make the process simple and painless from start to finish. We will leave you with a beautiful, high-quality roof that will last you for years to come.

Roof Repair

When torrential rains and powerful winds hit the Southern Louisiana area, you can be certain that roof repairs will be needed. In order to prevent future damages, Aleman’s Baton Rouge roofing specialists are also trained to waterproof roofs with high-quality materials and styles.

With all of our qualifications and options, it’s not surprising why customers across South Louisiana area rely heavily upon the Aleman Roofing team for every aspect of their roofing maintenance and repairs. Contact the roofing professionals at Aleman Roofing today and let us make your next roofing repair project a simple one!

Roof Replacement

Over time, roofs experience wear and tear from weather and other natural elements. Shingles that are loose or coming off the roof, tears, and sagging are common indications that you are in need of a partial or full roof repair. Our professionally trained Baton Rouge roof replacement experts will perform a thorough detailed inspection of your roof and will provide a free estimate that will encompass the best roofing solution for your home.Whether your roof is no longer under warranty, heavily damaged, or if you’ve been constantly repairing it to help it last longer, Aleman Roofing will be able to determine the best course of action for the safety and protection of your home.


Gutter systems play an integral role in preventing damage to your house and property by sending rainwater from your roof to an area where it can’t damage landscaping or your home’s structure. High-quality gutter systems, such as the ones installed by us, guarantee the protection of your home while keeping its appearance and value intact. In order to serve a variety of clientele, our professional installers offer a variety of colors and material options such as white metal, brown metal, and copper. 

Let Our Work Speak For Itself

This home is on Highland Road near the Country Club of Louisiana. In addition to the new roof installation, several custom components are also being installed: copper gutters, metal awnings and scrollwork, concrete ridge tiles, a snap-lock metal roof, and custom-made dormers and finials.

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